TOPJUM Dumbbell Foot Attachment, Tibialis Trainer, Adjustable Ankle Weights


  • Great for Toning and Strengthening Your Legs – Turns dumbbells into ankle weights, this ankle strap allows you to easily add weighted exercise to your leg workouts, targeting muscle groups like gluteal muscles, hamstrings, quadriceps, and hip flexors, by adding weight on your feet, you can easily do machine-equivalent movements and many others.
  • Ramp Up At-Home Leg Workouts Intensity in Portable Way – The III-gen dumbbell foot attachment is light-weight, doesn’t take up any extra space make it perfect for home gyms, physical therapists, personal trainers, athletes or those on the go. Great alternative to bulky equipment like leg curl & extension machines, monkey foot. Portable way to add weight to your leg workouts like hamstring curls, kickbacks, fire hydrants, clams.
  • Your Tibialis Trainer for Strengthening Tibialis Anterior – Works as a tibialis bar or tibia dorsi calf machine, an ATG knees over toes equipment that trains your shin muscles, by strengthening tibialis anterior, knees, and ankles, you can jump higher, run faster, improves balance, potentially reduce post-exercise pain and risk of ankle and foot injuries. Unlike the traditional tibialis bar, it allows you to stretch your foot in 360 degrees, build your tibialis muscles in a more flexible way.
  • Sturdy, Secure, Comfy, and Easy to Use. Designed by professional rehabilitation trainer, made from the same material as the car seat belt with reinforced stitching, this ankle strap can hold 100 lbs dumbbell for leg raise or weighted bar hang (or max. 50 lbs for hamstring curls or donkey kicks). It is super easy to use, convenient to change foot weights. Take it to your family, friend or gym lovers as a great gift, we believe they will love it.
  • Perfect for Beginners to Pros – Topjum adjustable ankle weights allow you to easily change weights on your ankle, it opens a whole new set of possibilities for lower body workouts, you can even add it to the glute bands for extra resistance, adding more opportunities to expand your work routine. Helps you recovering from or reducing risk of injury, relieves pain. We guarantee your full money back if you don’t like our products, buy it now with no worries.
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Love working out at home but space and budget limitations make you challenging to do isolation leg exercises? Live in an apartment building with a gym that doesn’t have a large selection of machines? You are training through an injury who can’t use loaded barbells for lower body exercises? Or you are doing leg rehab routine at home and need a weight on your foot?

This ankle strap converts your dumbbells into weight lifting equipment for your feet, allowing you to lift dumbbell with your foot as easily as you lift it with your hand. By adding weight to your feet, it allows you to exercise all the muscles of your legs, hip, and ankles. Whether you are a home fitness enthusiast, professional athlete, personal trainer, it is a great addition to your leg workout.

Versatile Leg Fitness Trainer without Large Machine

This ankle strap allows you to lift dumbbells with your feet as easily as you lift the dumbbell with your hands. By adding weight to your feet, it allows you to exercise all the muscles of your legs, hip, and ankles. Whether you are a home fitness enthusiast, professional athlete, personal trainer, A great way to work legs typically reserved for machines.



Train Your Shin Muscle Like a Pro

It is professional tibialis trainer, knees over toes equipment, train your shin muscle in a flexible, effective way, strengthen the long extensors, long toe extensors and other muscles of the anterior calf group.



Unlock 50+ Leg Workouts

You can perform various exercises including leg extensions, hamstring curls, static high knees, and glute kickbacks, foot eversion/inversion, ankle dorsiflexion, hip flexor lifting, quad trainer.



Affordable and Doesn’t Take up Space

Space and budget limitations? This small gadget alleviates your concerns. It provides an affordable way to isolate legs, you may now easily do machine-equivalent movements and many others on your leg days! And it doesn’t occupy room space.



Center of Gravity Design

Dumbbell will be placed under the midfoot, unlike some others that dumbbell is placed towards the back of foot near heel. This is a more comfortable way to work out your legs.




No Knee Hurt

No causing torque and shear force on the knee joint like traditional leg extension machines, which is not favorable for the knee, it just does not happen with our ankle strap, you won’t feel uncomfortable in your knees.




Compatible with Most Dumbbell Handles

Either ergonomic and straight bar handles can be snugly fitted.




Slanted Instep Strap for Better Fit

The instep fixing strap is designed according to the inclination of the human instep, which is more in line with wearing habits, allowing you to fix the instep fixing strap on shoes or feet more firmly.




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