Thank you for shopping with us, we created this dumbbell ankle strap for people working out at home without large machine, TOPJUM dumbbell ankle strap converts your dumbbell into weight lifting equipment for your feet, allowing you to lift dumbbells with your feet as easily as you lift it with your hand. By adding weight to your feet, it allows you to exercise all the muscles of your legs, hip, and ankles. It doesn’t occupy your floor space, whether you are a home fitness enthusiast, professional athlete, personal trainer, it is a great addition to your leg workout.

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1. Place the dumbbell strap on the dumbbell as shown in the picture.

2. Roll up tightly to tie up the two foot straps on the dumbbell.

3. Put your foot on the dumbbell and fasten the instep strap

Or try to fasten the instep strap with hook on the side when you have small feet or are barefoot:

4. Fasten the heel strap and done the job